Chief Digital Officer


(3 years 7 months)Hollywood, Ca

At Marketingworks, Inc., I led social media, digital, and word of mouth marketing programs for brands such as P&G, Coca Cola, Sara Lee, Post Cereal, Allstate and AARP. My team ranged from 6-12 people depending on the scope of the responsibilities and number of concurrent clients utilizing our services. I also built a database of metrics and contact info for over 1,000,000 online blogs and publishers. I joined the company when there was only an owner and the receptionist.

– Started with owner and secretary. Built company out to 10 employees.

– In charge of strategy for every campaign that came through the door.

– Pitched our online marketing management services to top tier brands via online webinar, in person, and via phone conferences.

– Organized and managed projects underway.

– Developed the online listening program that we sold to many brands to gain insight on the linguistic patterns occurring through blogs and social media.

– Expanded offerings to more than 10 unique services, which significantly increased revenues per contract and allowed our company to gain more business as a one stop shop.

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