I would assume that you arrived at this site via one of the few ways that people typically find out about its existence.  Either you see my name and post on one of the more well-known social media portals, or your are a Russian built traffic bot fictitiously pinging my site in order to find a way to leave a virus on my WordPress server.  If you are the latter, please go away.  For everybody else… Welcome!

Who is this boring guy?

My name is Aaron Moskowitz, and I have a fairly interesting story that just keeps on a going, and going for days.  Personally, my life has tried to tell me many times the words “F-you” and “You can’t” and just like most normal people I have fought back and developed a bit of a chip/edge along the way. In other words, I really don’t care what you have to say about me…  J/K.

Generation Identity Crisis…

I am a Gen X’er at heart, but I relate a lot to the Millenials.  At least in terms of the mobile apps they use, and the shows that they watch.  I have been a hacker/creator since I was a young boy, but I didn’t really have access to the technological tools that the kids have now.  So I got kind of a late start, failing many times since high school.  Most of those failures, only I know about.  I guess that my biggest story is that I have so many arrows in my back when it comes to startups and technology.

The Wandering Jew…

I grew up approximately within the general area known as the San Francisco Bay Area.  Kind of like a military child, I moved to live with different family members/cities since I was 6 years old.  Sometimes I had no choice, and sometimes, it was my choice.  Over so many years of not really even knowing where I would be living, I gained a certain level of independent resourcefulness that I think is built into my personality as a somewhat ironic mix of controlling and collaborative individual.

Why this blog?

My blog is meant to connect with friends and family, and maybe their friends and family, to maybe build upon the things that I do and that we all do together without really knowing it.  Maybe I can prove that we are all connected by more than the English language.

And what do you do to pay your rent?

If you would like to know more about me professionally, I am a marketer, meets business man, meets growth hacker.  But I’m not the type of growth hacker that that businesses typically dream up in their heads that comes in and takes something that doesn’t work and turns crap into fairy dust.  I pretty much do things my way, with the willingness to hold the tough discussions necessary to move things towards this direction.  More recently, my role has been to create more of a marketing oriented  culture for construction materials manufacturer in Canoga Park, Ca.  If you look at my background, you will quickly and surely understand that I do not have a background in construction materials.  I am the first to admit this, and the first one to say that this held no significance in our growth path so far (over 30% year over year growth for 2.5 years now).

Before this, I was mostly freelancing as a marketing consultant after working for about 2 and a half years as the director of digital for a fledgling online marketing agency based out of Hollywood which, coincidentally, also grew significantly in revenues while I was there.  With these roles and plenty of others, I must say that the secret to doing more business is the three P’s ( people, planning, and prayers).  Hence, there is no secret, or maybe there is, but I’M NOT TELLING YOU.  Just kidding, even if I handed them to most people on a silver platter, I’m pretty sure that execution is more important than anything.  Sometimes I post little things that can help other marketers do better at work and get pats on the back from their bosses.